Contribify starts with an inventory and series of questions that asks you about your experience, interests, and motivations, and where you want to contribute.

This app will then show you the three areas where you have the most potential for contribution, as a part of your overall Contribify Profile.

The initial Contribify Inventory will last approximately 20 minutes. The inventory will essentially help you uncover the best ways to have a positive influence in the context of a team, peer group, or family. Once you complete the inventory, you will receive your initial Contribify Profile. This profile is intended to guide you in building an ongoing portfolio of your most formative experiences and the roles you play, and in identifying where you can make your greatest contributions. This information will enable you to hone your work into something more successful and satisfying with each passing year.

What’s essential over time . . .

. . . is for your own discovery to turn into a discussion with the most important people in your work and life. Start with your spouse, one of your best friends, or a mentor. Then expand the conversation to teams, groups, and organizations—places where you can help others uncover how they can maximize their contribution to the world.

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“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.